Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tips for Choosing Wedding Gown for Full Figured Women

It’s your big day, you should make sure there are a right dress which can highlight your figure. If you have a plus size figure, the below things you should take in mind which would help you find the right wedding gown.
A line wedding dress with appliques
Find a place that will treat you right: Just because you aren’t a waif doesn’t mean you have to settle for a subpar experience, be shown limited options, or be treated rudely by an associate. Call ahead and ask to work with someone who specializes in plus sizes. She should understand your needs, have dresses lined up in a fitting room when you arrive, and not rush you. You can also seek out salons that have plus-size designer samples on hand.
Go when you’re feeling good about yourself: You know those moments when you and your body just aren’t having it? To make sure you aren’t trying on a dress in the least slimming color known to womankind on those days: Avoid shopping when you have PMS, drink tons of water, and lay off the booze and salty foods the night before. Then prep your brain the morning of by focusing on the parts of your body you’re excited to show off — great cleavage, sexy hips, or the color of your eyes — and share them with your stylist right off the bat. We’re our own harshest critics, so silence your mean inner monologue before you set foot in a fitting room.
Get a very good seamstress: Ask your salon to recommend one who has experience in bridal, and get references from her or look for online reviews of her work. A great one can add boning, straps, or bra cups to make you look even better in it. Remember, this is a wedding dress and probably the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever own, assuming you aren’t Kate Middleton. So make sure it fits well and feels amazing.
Keep an open mind.: If I could change one thing about my wedding day, I wouldn’t have worn a strapless gown. Minutes upon minutes of wedding video feature me hiking up the top of my dress, fighting off armpit fat, separating my cleavage, and adjusting an ill-equipped bra. I was set on wearing strapless but should have considered keeping my boobs happy and supported with a great sleeved dress, like Amber Heard and Nikki Reed did. Or at least given straps a chance.

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