Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fashion and Chic Prom Dresses from Alizeebridal

As we all know, high school years are the best years of your life, and Prom is the one event you can’t miss during your high school life. It’s the story from high school that inevitably the grandchildren hear about. If you want to have a memorable time, the perfect prom gowns should be prepared in advance. Here we collect some fashion style of prom dress you may love, look at these alizeebridal dress, hope you can find your dream one.
1. Floor length purple sequin prom dress
mermaid prom dresses
2. Brush train tiered ruffles coral prom dress
mermaid prom dresses
3. High low beading mermaid prom dress
mermaid prom dresses

Monday, December 29, 2014

Shopping Right Bridesmaid Dresses Guide

Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses is not easy for the brides-to-be, and there are so many things waiting your to deal with. Make sure the guests be able to tell the bridal party from the rest of the crowd, the important thing is to have at least one factor that ties it all together. It can be color, cut, style, or length! Here are some tips you may need, read on the below contents.
discount purple bridesmaid dress
Make sure your maids can afford the dresses. This is your special day, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids can afford to shell out the big bucks for their dresses. Try to gauge each personal budget, or at least decide on a dress that you can see the ladies wearing again. And you can also find the discount bridesmaid dresses easily, it will help your maids save a big money.

Take your maids' body types into your mind. Not all bodies are the same, and you shouldn’t expect your bridesmaid party to all fit nicely into the same dress. While your bustier friend may look great in a strapless gown, your not-so-endowed cousin may be cursing you during her walk down the aisle! Consider choosing the color, and letting the bridesmaids pick the cut that fits their body-type best.

Choose the right color which can fit your wedding theme. You wouldn’t put a redhead in an orange dress, or a gray frock on a pale friend. Try choosing a color that will suit all types in your bridal party. If you’re really feeling generous, you could present your three favorite color choices and let them decide together on what the final dress palate will be. Or, you could choose a color and allow the girls to decide the particular shade of their dress.

It's not easy to pick out the right bridesmaid dresses, so many things you should consider. Thus you and your maids should be more careful and patient when choosing this dress.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Don't Miss Alizeebridal Princess Wedding Dress

The alizeebridal princess wedding dress is one of the most versatile wedding dress silhouettes. It will flatter any bride's body type, from the petite women to tall women. Since it is easy for brides to add or remove volume from this dress, any bride can truly customize this style of dress without breaking the bank. For a beautiful, stunning dress that is easy to wear, a bride should consider the princess wedding dress. Here are some chic princess wedding dresses from Alizee Bridal, look at them and hope you can like.
1. Sweetheart court train chiffon princess wedding dress
strapless princess wedding dress
2. Halter embroidery pleating princess wedding dress
halter princess wedding dress
3. V-Neck court train chiffon princess wedding dress
halter princess wedding dress

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chic Prom Dresses 2015 from Alizee Bridal

Every times, it is really hard for those girls to decide what kinds of prom dresses to wear at the prom party. As a matter of fact, you just need to wear appropriate prom dresses. Luckily, here are some fashion and affordable prom gowns from Alizee Bridal you may like. Look at the below contents and pictues, good luck to you.
1. High low tiered&sequin prom dress 2015(Find it Click Here )
high low prom dress
2. Strapless floor length ruched teal prom dress(Find it Click Here )
floor length teal dress
3. Strapless mermaid sequin pleating prom dress(Find it Click Here )
mermaid prom dress

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Choose Party Dress According to Your Figure

A right party dress is really necessary for the women who will attend some special occasions, and you should make sure your dress can fit your body type and highlight your features. Thus how to find the right and latest party dresses for your unique body type? Here are some suggestions you should know and hope these can give you some help.
purple short party dress
Create curves: For women who want to create curves, choose party and prom dresses that give a sense of volume. To look curvier, look for a belted party dress or one with gathers or darts at the waistline. This will give definition to your lower body. Similarly, a wide boatneck gives the illusion of a fuller bust line and wider shoulders. An evening gown with vertical princess seams emphasizes the natural curves you have to make them look fuller and softer.
Flatter your bust line: If you have a full bust and slimmer lower half, the best party dress you can choose is one that has structure and support in the bodice. Straps should be thick enough to give lift and support to the bust line. An empire waist dress will put the focus on your best feature without overemphasizing. To balance out your body shape, an A-line dress that accentuates the waist and flows out at the hips provides proportion to your lower half.
Show off your curves: If you have an hourglass figure, which is a slim waist and fuller hips and shoulders, look for dresses that define and draw attention your waistline. A dress with a wide neckline, structured waist, and pencil skirt shows off your curves with just the right amount of emphasis. Wrap dresses create one of the best hourglass silhouettes, tightening around the waist and becoming fuller around the hips. Party dresses that feature a belt or contrasting fabric around the waist will draw attention to your enviable waistline.
Lengthen your legs: Short evening dresses in dark colors are ideal for women who want to lengthen their look. The contrast between the dark fabric and your legs will make the legs look longer. If you're not ready for a miniskirt, a hemline that hits just above the knee can still make your legs look long and lean. Showing leg and adding a heel are two simple ways to appear taller. A slim gown with a high waist can also create the illusion that your legs are longer than they are.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Pick Out Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

There are so many things wairting for you to deal with, it is your big day, and you should choose the right look for your bridesmaid's dress. It's believed that you don't want to be complained, thus you should cost enough time and enermy on this work. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses, read on and learn.
light blue strapless bridesmaid dress
Choose the pretty colors. First, considering all of their complexions and hair colors, choose a color that you like and one that you think would look good on each one of them. For example, brighter colors are more flattering while pastels might look good on your friends with fair complexions although they will be too distracting on darker complexions.
No one style can cater everyone's taste, thus look for a style that will flatter the different shapes and sizes of all of your bridesmaids. Remember, empire waists and A-line usually look good on all body types.
Consider their comfort level when choosing the bridesmaid dress. When it comes to strapless bridesmaid’s gowns or the type that they won’t need a bra with, ask them if they are comfortable with this first.
Choose something they will wear more than once. After all, you don’t want to choose something for them that they won’t want to wear ever again. This means also buying clothes for the reception as well. Make sure it is something they absolutely love as much as you do.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Discover Pretty Girls Pageant Dresses from Alizeebridal

Season after season, parents must purchase new dresses for their children who participate in pageants to wear as they walk across the stage and compete for the crown. While being on stage can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for both parents and children, purchasing girls pageant dresses can take a toll on your bank account. But don't worry, today I will recommend some fashion and pretty pageant dress for girls from Alizeebridal, all of these dresses are affordable!
1. One shoulder organza ball gown(Price: $133.99)
one shoulder girls pageant dress
2. A line off shoulder blue ball gown(Price: $137.99)
off shoulder blue girls pageant dress
3. Sequin satin red halter dress(Price: $135.99)
sequin red girls pageant dress

Monday, December 8, 2014

4 Fashion Styles of Cheap Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is the go-to garment for a variety of social events. From work parties to wedding receptions, women need cocktail dresses for formal and semiformal events. However, shopping for a cocktail dress can be frustrating if one has no starting point or frame of reference. Luckily, here are some stylish and cheap cocktail dresses from Alizee Bridal, following the next contents, find your dream dress.
1. Little Black Dress: Most women love the versatility of the little black dress. The color always flatters the figure, and it comes in nearly all shapes and sizes.
strapless little black dress
2. Fit and Flare: The classic silhouette of the fit and flare style of cocktail dress is making a comeback. It flatters all body shapes as the snug body and flippy hemline create the illusion of a small waist.
fit and flare cocktail dress
3. One Shoulder: The one shoulder style of dress is quite popular. It bares the shoulder or the entire arm and the skirt sets the style.
red one shoulder cocktail dress
4. Sheath: The sheath dress is slim and close fitting with a kick pleat or slit in the back for walkability.
short sheath sequin cocktail dress

Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to Find the Right Wedding Dresses Online

Wedding dress will cost a big money, and designer wedding gowns are more expensive. If you don't want to break your bank, choosing a cheaper wedding dress is really necessary. Luckily, today we have more options, and you can find more and more stylish and inexpensive dress for your big day online. Now, here are some tricks you may need, read on and find your dream dress.
chic a line wedding dress
Choosing your cheap wedding dress online. As we all know, wedding dress salons give their salespeople big commissions, and that extra money goes into the price of the dress. Furthermore, brick and mortar stores have to pay for rent, utilities, and the decor of the store, while online businesses don't have such overhead costs. Even more importantly, brick and mortar stores hold limited stock, and brides may only find specific styles or have to wait weeks simply to try on a specific dress. Online options have almost unlimited stock, and brides are overwhelmed with choices.
Go to a trusted tailor and get professionally measured. This has the added bonus of letting a bride try out tailors if she doesn't already have one. Alterations are almost always necessary, so this is a great opportunity for brides to find a tailor who they trust and get along with in a friendly manner. Once a bride has obtained a full set of measurements, she needs to do some research into how different wedding dress brands size their lines. These can vary a lot, but since bridal stores don't always stock a range of sizes, not every bride will have a chance to try on a gown in her size.
Before starting a search, it's better try on dresses in a store. What looks good on a model may not look good on a bride, especially for the style and color. It's also important for brides to try a range of silhouettes to know which is the best for her body type. From ball gowns to A-line skirts to mermaid flares, there is an almost endless variety of dress styles, and each bride needs to take the time to find the look that looks best on her.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why Choose Mermaid Wedding Dress in 2015

Wedding is a number one paramount thing in each human's life. People run here and there making plans for there wedding ceremony. Of course there are lots of thing to do, like inviting guests, wedding place reservation and the most important thing lying in picking a unique wedding dress. Mermaid style dress is still popular with women, and here we will talk about this style of wedding dress.
jewel mermaid wedding dress
Why choose a mermaid wedding dress? Because the dresses are fit and structured over the torso, they will give any bride a stunning hourglass figure with great definition. Often, the top half of the dress is ruched, a method of gathering the fabric, which evens out a woman's figure and hides any imperfections. The bottom flare can then either hide problem thighs or balance out the top and bottom of the bride. Brides wearing a mermaid wedding dress can wear large veils or heavy jewelry without seeming top-heavy or uneven. The silhouette of a mermaid dress is very striking and glamorous. Many brides also like that the dress hugs their curves in a flattering way but also lets them have a voluminous, show-stopping dress.
Mermaid wedding dresses are available in many styles. Once a bride has settled on a mermaid silhouette, she must also consider all of the stylistic variations. Each different type of mermaid dress offers its own benefits and will flatter different brides' body shapes. There is a mermaid dress for every bride's tastes and sensibilities. However, mermaid wedding dresses are usually expensive for us, and altering it also cost a big money. Luckily, Online bridal shop provide the cheap mermaid wedding dresses, you can find more fashion and affordable mermaid dresses online, but shopping online has an certain risk, you should be more patient and careful when buying your dream dress online.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Wear Something Age Appropriate When Choosing Pageant Dress

Attending the pageant may be an exciting experience for the girls, and you may not want to wear a gown that looks or appears too sexy or too revealing showing areas that we should not see. Please be modest with your taste in gowns. The gown that you pick to wear will definitely reflect in your confidence and your personality on stage. In a word, please try to keep your gown age appropriate. Following the next tips and hope these advices can help you find your dream pageant dress.
one shoulder red girls pageant dresses
For the ages of 0 and 12, you should wear a cute, girls' pageant dress 2015 with nice clean socks and nice clean shoes, if you're a girl. A dress similar to a church dress or Easter dress will be perfect.
For the ages of 13 and 16, you should wear a cute, short dress at least to the knees or a long gown (NO black) with nice clean heels or pumps.
For the ages of 17 and above, you should wear a nice long gown with nice clean heels or pumps. The gown can be form fitting to your shape, just not to tight or a princess ball gown that puffs out from the waist down.
Please keep in mind, expensive gowns and suits are not a must for Pageants. So please don't let anyone trick you into going out and spending thousands of dollars on expensive clothing unless you want to.