Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Choose Little Black Dress Dependent on Your Figure

Little black dress must be one of the most popular party dresses, and also the frequenter for some evening or cocktail parties. As the classic appeal, it almost can fit every woman's taste. Here are some suggestions you should know before choosing little black dresses. And hope these suggestions can really help you.
little black dress
Column Shape: Those with a straight figure often wish to exaggerate minimal curves to avoid looking boyish. To do so, wearing an A-line style little black dress is the perfect solution. Since the cut comes in at the waist, it gives the appearance of a shapely waist. Little black dresses with pleats or ruffles are especially good for those who have slim, straight hips as these styles add some volume and shape.
Apple Shape: For those with apple shaped bodies, A-line black dresses are ideal because they draw attention away from the upper part of the body and towards shapely legs. A-lined dresses effectively conceal fuller middles with a perfectly placed drape. When wearing a little black dress with an apple shape, be sure to avoid designs with embellishments, such as sequins, around the middle so emphasis is not on the waist.
Hourglass Shape: Considered the ideal shape, those with an hourglass body type look good in many dress styles. When dressing an hourglass body shape, strive to dress the top and bottom of the body proportionally to accentuate a smaller waist. Wide waistbands are a great way to show off a small waist. Those with an hourglass shape can also get away with shorter, tighter, more form-fitting cuts.
Pear Shape: Pear shaped women should accentuate their smaller waists and create balance between the upper and lower halves of their body. Choosing a little black dress that flounces out over the bottom half of the body camouflages wider hips. Moreover, finding a dress with a belt or adding your own cinches in a narrow waist. Also, consider a little black dress with an overall loose, airy fit and a more form-fitting top.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Four Classic Styles of Wedding Dresses

There are many kinds of silhouettes you can find when choosing your wedding gowns, from ball gown to princess styles, no matter what body type you have, there will be one right style that can fit you. Here are four fashion and classic styles of wedding gowns, you should know about them before choosing your dress.
a line wedding guest dress
A-Line Wedding Dresses: Also called a princess line. Flared from either the shoulders or under the bust, often with a fitted waist. An A-line is a flattering look for just about everyone, one of the most classic styles.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses: A fitted corset with a very full skirt that brushes the floor. The waist may be nipped in at your natural waistline, be shaped in an elongated triangle (called a basque waistline), or be dropped to hug your hips. The neckline can vary from high to modest to strapless.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses: Also called a trumpet skirt. It shows a narrow, body-hugging gown that flares dramatically at or below the knee like a mermaid’s tale. Good for showing off your curves, especially if you’re tall.

Sheath Wedding Dresses: A narrow, close-fitting gown that goes to the floor in an unbroken line. This shape is more reminiscent of an evening gown than a wedding dress and is popular with buff brides. Basically, a sheath is the mermaid style without the flared bottom.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Latest and Inexpensive Quinceanera Dresses

Quinceanera dresses can easily capture the spotlight during proms and formal occasions. This kind of dress is a perfect symbol of elegance and fine beauty so it's not surprising why almost every woman longs to wear one. But then again, buying a high-quality and stylish quinceanera dress while having a very limited budget is a big challenge. Luckily, here are some fashion and inexpensive quinceanera dresses you may love from
1. Sweetheart Chapel Train White Pleating Ball Gown
white ruffles quinceanera dress
2. Sweetheart Brush Train Pleating Colorful Ball Gown
colorful quinceanera dress
3. Chapel Train Red Taffeta Ball Gown
red quinceanera dress

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fashion A Line Wedding Dresses from Alizeebridal

So many kinds of wedding gowns you will find, today we will talk about the a line style. The traditional A-line wedding dress( displays a close-fitting bodice, and a skirt that gently begins to flare away from the body, starting the natural waist. The traditional A-line is often made with slightly heavier fabric, which is more conducive to retaining the structure needed to make it a true A-line skirt. Here are some a line wedding dresses from, hope you can love them.

1. Short Tank Top Lace Wedding Dress With Short Sleeves
short a line wedding dress
2. Chapel Train Tulle A Line Wedding Dress
chapel train a line wedding dress
3. Long Strapless Tulle A Line Wedding Dress
tulle a line wedding dress

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 One Shoulder Prom Dresses from Alizeebridal

There are so many kinds of prom dresses you can opt, and one shoulder styles must be one of the most popular styles which can be flattering on full figures, which provided the body of the dress gently drapes the body. Also, if you’re full figured and full busted, which is not always the case, wearing a full coverage molded strapless bra that offers firm support is key in pulling off any dress with a tricky neckline like strapless and one shoulder. Here are some fashion one shoulder prom dresses from Alizeebridal, hope you can like them.
1. One shoulder silver chiffon prom dress
one shoudler silver prom dress
2. One shoulder peach chiffon prom dress
one shoulder peach prom dress
3. Purple one shoulder chiffon prom dress
one shoulder chiffon prom dress

Monday, January 12, 2015

One Shoulder Prom Dresses from Alizee Bridal

Prom must be one of the must important event you may find in high school, and shopping for your dress and accessories can also be one of the highlights of your year, but if you find yourself stuck with minimal options and lots of competition, it can be tough. This year, Alizeebridal has prepared some fashion style of prom dress, and here are some one shoulder prom dresses you may like.
1. One shoulder long sequin prom dress
one shoulder sequin prom dress
2. One shoulder chiffon split long prom dress in black
long black prom dress
3. One shoulder teal short prom dress
teal short prom dress

Friday, January 9, 2015

Things to Keep Into Your Mind When Shopping Wedding Dress

It's a big day, and as the bride-to-be, you have so many things need to be considered, one of them must be your wedding dress. Then how to find the right wedding dress? Maybe you need some tips, here I have collected some useful tricks, read on the next contents, learn about it.
mermaid wedding dress
Pick the dress you love. Of course you are shopping with a purpose. To find the gown you want to were on your wedding day. Some brides think they have to plan their dress around their venue, or around their bridesmaids gowns. This is not the easiest way to fall in love with a dress.

Do not choose your dress to fit your venue, choose the dress you feel the most wonderful in. Why? Because when you feel beautiful, you stand straighter, you smile bigger, and you shine more. When your confidence is higher it shows, and what you will be left with after your wedding is over, is 100s of photographs of you in a gown that made you feel radiant. That is what matters.

Be open minded. Do not limit yourself to one type of silhouette until you have tried them all. Bridal gowns are made so much better than most dresses, they are lined and have built in bustiers and hold us and pull us in places that make us look, oh so very good. Do not be afraid of trying something because you have a part of your body you want to hide. Be open minded and let the stylist put you in something that might just surprise you and end up making you feel better than you thought possible.

Set a budget in advance. Make sure to let your stylist know your budget. Do not be offended when they ask, and be grateful when they work hard to keep you in your budget. Every bride at our boutique is treated the same no matter what her budget is from very high to very low. We believe all brides deserve a fun and memorable bridal dress shopping experience. Let your stylist be your budget ally, and remember she is only working with the information you give her.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Suggestion for Choosing Right Wedding Guest Dress

In general, attending the wedding party, you require a cocktail dress or long dress, whereas a more traditional semi-formal wedding is perfect for a smart day dress and a hat or fascinator if you like. Here are some suggestions you should keep into your mind when choosing your dress for wedding.
wedding guest dress
When choosing your wedding guest dress, choose something that looks fantastic. Choose a dress in a summer fabric for hot weather, or something with a shrug or jacket for weddings on cooler days.

For a beach wedding, dress to impress by all means, but dress for the elements too – sun, sand and sea don’t mix with high heels and feathered hats, so think what you’d wear to a nice restaurant on a hot day and you won’t go far wrong.
Once you’ve found the perfect wedding guest dress, it’s time to choose the all important accessories to pull your look together. Pick a sophisticated clutch for all your wedding essentials and glamorous shoes that complement your dress beautifully.

When you go shopping, stay open-minded and try on dress shapes that you might not normally try. Everything looks different on the hanger and you might be surprised with what looks good on you. If you want to find some affordable wedding guest dress, searching for it online. As we all know, there are so many kinds of outfits online provided by some retailers.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Prom Gown Shopping Guide You May Know

It's time to begin shopping for your 2015 prom gowns online, if you don't want to look the same with others. Now you should struggle to pick out the right prom dress for your special day. As we all know, it will be necessary for the young girls to know body type before choosing your dress. Here are some helpful suggestions you should get.
strapless purple prom dress
Hourglass: Thanks to their naturally proportional bodies, girls with an hourglass shape can wear virtually any style of dress. As long as it works with her personal style, she'll be the belle of the ball.

Apple: Apple-shaped girls tend to be self-conscious about their midsection. To keep the attention away from that area, look for a gown that has a high empire waist.

Pear: Girls with this body type will want a dress that has a fitted top and fuller bottom. This means staying away from any mermaid-style gowns.
Petite: Your girl may want a long gown, but all the fabric will make her appear shorter. Though it's not as traditional, suggest going for an above-the-knee dress.

Slim: For slender girls, dresses tend to hang on their bodies like a sack. To keep this from happening and to give your girl some curves, look for gowns with a cinched waist or even a fashion-forward belt.

Tall: Obviously, a full-length frock will look great on girls of a certain height. Since they have such a long frame, they should use it to showcase patterned dress that others can't pull off.

Collection of Alizeebridal Prom Dress 2015

Prom is one of the most exciting events for the young ladies during your school lives, teens these days look forward to the dinner, the dance and the after-party all year long. Shopping for your dress and accessories can also be one of the highlights of your year, but if you find yourself stuck with minimal options and lots of competition, it can be tough. Picking out the right alizeebridal prom gowns is not easy, but luckily, we collect some fashion style of prom gowns you may like from Alizeebridal. Look at the below content and hope you can like them.
1. Brush train strapless eggplant prom dress
a line eggplant prom dress
2. One shoulder beading trumpet prom dress
beading trumpet prom dress
3. Brush train ruffles pink prom dress
ruffles pink prom dress